ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Singer-Songwriter Xionora is Not Giving 'Second Chances'

Music is one of those things that remains a constant. While sounds change, genres evolve, and artists come and go, art never dies. One of my joys is when I find an artist who is able to pull from the old and the new. Singer-songwriter and emcee, Xionora, is an up-and-coming artist based out of Louisiana who explores music in r&b, hip-hop, and pop genres. But she is also inspired by all genres of music such as contemporary, country, gospel, and rock. 

The self-taught artist is also making money moves as a businesswoman; she's using her platform, beauty, and brains to propel herself to the top. Xionora is the founder of Visual Tech Entertainment LLC and also has her own makeup line, Femininity Cosmetics.

"Look in the mirror, broken reflection, projected frozen..."

Six months before the coronavirus changed our landscape, Xionora released her single, Second Chances, and dropped a music video for the song as well. Somehow we missed this one, but it's definitely a song you should hear. Her lyrics tell the story of heartbreak and disappointment for a lover scorned, and she's not giving out "second chances". On the track, she sings, "no house on the hills for us, no love, no loyalty, no trust."

Her voice has elements of 3 decades of r&b. When she sings, it feels like a lovechild of early 2000s singer, Nivea, late 90s Xscape singer, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, and current female sensation, Queen Naija. She also has versatility. Showing off her skills as an emcee, she drops some solid bars on the track. It's clear from Xionora's vocals and bars that she's got the chops, but she also has the passion.

While in college her passion for the musical art form and literature prompted her to develop her unique musical sound. Critical of her craft, Xionora produces stories of entertainment transcending generations. Xionora earned a Bachelor of Science degree and Business Administration minor from Louisiana State University as a LSU Distinguished Communicator with academic excellence.

Xionora is currently promoting her first live music video and producing future projects to be released.



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