ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Young Midwest Rapper, Kilo Releases New Single, 'You'll See'

Kilo is an up-and-coming hip hop artist straight outta the Midwest. The Indianapolis, Indiana native started making music about a year ago and has been going at it hard since he jumped into the scene. Slowly perfecting his craft and building up a fan base, he revealed, "I consistently post once a week." His latest release is a testament of his dedication and discipline to the rap game. 

Entitled You'll See, the song kicks off with a sick electro-xylophonic type interlude set up next to a dope trap beat.  The production quality on this jawn is A1 sauce. The track was produced by Nino3K.  

As an artist, Kilo has a mellow, melodic sound that feels futuristic --its perfectly suited for the track's spaced out drumbeat.  His lyrical content is all there too. 

"We gon' blow his head, we take em off the map."

The young rapper says his inspiration comes from artists like Future, Chief Keef, and Speaker Knockers. We definitely think he's one to watch.



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