Atlanta Rapper $urferr Gold Talks Upcoming Project, 'Lucha Libre'

Atlanta rapper $urferr Gold is gearing up to drop a dope project on us later this spring. "Lucha Libre" will be the title of the upcoming album which is set to be released on 6/6. The hip hop based project, which he's warned will be "legendary", will have 10 tracks.  

And while $urferr Gold states that his true influences are Kurt Cobain, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phil Collins, Kid Cudi, and Drake, he says this project has a JuiceWRLD/XXXtentacion kinda vibe to it. 

Based on his previous work, I have no doubt "Lucha Libre" will be a banger. Gold says he hopes it will "leave the listener feeling auditorily satisfied, as each track is as great as the one before it ...if not even better." 

$urferr, who recently relocated from Atlanta, Ga to Mexico, recorded the whole project in 3 weeks. He was inspired by the Lucha Libre professional wrestling art that originated in Latin countries such as his new home of Mexico. In Lucha Libre fighting the fighters wear a mask and once they become known to the Lucha Libre fans they become somewhat legendary figures to the fans. In this same way, $urferr Gold is cementing his legendary status among independent hip-hop artists. Hence the title for his album.

$urferr Gold has continued to prove again and again that he has what it takes from an artistic standpoint and from a business standpoint to maintain continued success as an indie hip hop artist. This upcoming album is only is further confirmation of his determination and resilience

Last year, $urferr Gold released "The Gold Tape" which got him some buzz and expanded his listener base. He hopes to build on that with this project; he's going all in with the lyrical conten as well. The subject matter of "Lucha Libre" ranges from various metaphysical topics to self-love, to relationship issues, all the way to topics of being the HNIC. 

This is an album I will definitely be waiting on. Keep up with his releases and movements on all the platforms below.



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