Brooklyn rapper, Yandhi Drops Dope New Album, 'Gritty SZN'

Yandhi is a Brooklyn bred artist who found his voice in hip hop music. Listening to his new album, "Gritty SZN", there's a sense of soulfulness that flows through the tracks. He commands every beat with his raspy rap sound and his confident delivery, and his body of work is made unique with his creative lyrics and musical versatility.  

Every now and then, you find a rap head who not only loves the genre, but loves music. This is Yandhi; his sound is crafted from the three distinct yet stackable parts of his gift -- artist, engineer, and producer. Recording his own music, Yandhi is a powerhouse on his own. The young artist's sound is versatile, leaving much more to be discovered as he continues to grow in his style of music.

"She looking like a patient. Oh look, shorty got her heart broke. And now its up to me to call big doc to fix the sorrow"

Listening to "Gritty SZN", there were several songs that stood out for me. The smooth, subtle beat on Kanye is seductive as Yandhi delivers a mellow, chill, and melodic flow. Lessons has a buzz that feels one part Cali rap and another part, Brooklyn drill. OK OK is another banger. Yandi really shows off his skills as an emcee as he makes a beat that samples early 90s R&B sounds and turns it into a heavy hittin' rap track as he raps, "f*ck is you talking bout, trying to get rid of it." 

This is definitely a rapper on the come up. His 10 track project is not one to miss.




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