GOLDEN G Drops New Rap Tribute Track, 'Michael B Jordan'

Gerome Nash, known in the hip hop community as “GOLDEN G”, is a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter from Toronto. His latest release is a dope tribute track entitled "Michael B Jordan". 

The energetic record pays tribute to the actor who sets an example by the roles he chooses in Hollywood. As to why he chose Jordan for his latest tune, G explained, "he has emerged onto the scene as an ambitious black man, that is admired by both genders." The track highlights the lyrical cadence and writing prowess of GOLDEN G.

"I'm blowing up to inspire, real wordplay right by ya..."

The song has a sick Brooklyn drill vibe. GOLDEN G raps over a dope drum beat that feels like it was made for a Pop Smoke + Rick Ross collab.  And the emcee is crispy with his flow and wordplay. One of the bars that was really bussin' was when he spit, "n*ggas cap more than bottles of pop."

GOLDEN G has the ability to blend the elements of intensely intricate lyricism with elements of progressive R&B, hip hop and popular music that make him stand out immediately. People often mistake there to be more artists featured on his songs than just himself; as he is able to accomplish many different sounding flows, melodies, and cadences solely on his own, and with effortless transition. His fresh, out-of-the-norm, “potluck” like style is definitely unique.



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