Lil Pink Drops New Album, 'Prometheus'

Ohio based dark punk-rap artist Lil Pink is back at it again, releasing fresh new music. The dark natured, emo leaning alternative-hip-hop artist recently released a new album entitled "Prometheus"

This seven track project is audibly interesting from start to finish. At some points, it has a uniquely gothic sorta feel which compliments the dark vibes of Lil Pink's lyrical content. Other songs, like Done with the Games balance the gloomy lyrics with upbeat, bright backgrounds. 

Pink says, "its about my struggles just put into music and songs....the tracks detail my darker inner thoughts."

One of the standouts on the album is the track, Play in My Circus. I love when Pink spits, "I'm like a cyst; let me in and I'll drain you." Another dope track on "Prometheus" is My Last Letter to You. It captures an intimate moment of vulnerability that will connect with a lot of listeners. And the song's beat is sick. It has a nice build up.

"You try to ditch me, but your bars never land..."

On the final track, In Love with My Stitches, Lil Pink presents a poetic, heartfelt  track that feels like a soliloquy. "I'm tired of being so broken, I just wish I could open up without fear."

Lil Pink is really growing as an artist and their body of work is becoming more telling. 

Thematically, this album is Pink's best yet. The enchanting, circus-like music sets a tone for the project --full of wonder and mysteriousness. "Prometheus" feels cohesive from start to finish. And Lil Pink delivers on the lyrics.  

It's available for streaming on all major platforms.



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