Queens Drill Rapper 12 Milly Pushes Wavy New Single, 'How You Do That'

New York City is home to many rappers on the rise. 21 year old hip hop artist, 12 Milly is one of those up next. He represents the heat coming out of South Jamaica, Queens and is bringing attention to fun side the rap game -- sex, drugs, and money.  

12 Milly's new single, How You Do That,  is a drilltastic track complete with sick lyrics and a dope beat. His laid back flow hits like a blunt stuffed by Kodak Black and wrapped by Fabolous. Check out the video below:

He's an independent artist who goes hard for his borough. The rapper is a part of an artist group out of Queens that goes by the name of Quarter Billion Bosses featuring fellow artists, Rahmeezy, Sha billyen, and Khy Banks. He also co-signed his artist/producer, Pierre Borne.

"Now these hoes wanna f#ck; we can't do that..." 

While How You Do That is a far cry from the grit and grime that often accompanies East Coast emcees, his lyrical content is  refreshing--especially as we look to music for relief from the stress of the pandemic. Asked about his rap style, he said, "I'm using my voice to express my emotions... I feel like I offer a listeners an alternate sound of drill/hip hop -- a new and original sound."



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