Ventil Licht Kicks Up Chill Pop + Classical Vibes on 'The Lotus Eater'

26 year old experimental music artist and classical musician, Ventil Licht looking to break barriers between the common conceptions of what is considered “classical music” and what we classify as “popular music”.  His latest work is a six and a half minute instrumental cover for six horns and percussion of Dead Can Dance's song, The Lotus Eater.

For the Goose Creek, South Carolina native, he seeks to juxtapose the beauty of a good beat and a dope mellow classical melody.  The end result is a vibe that feels one part jazz, another chill-hop, and two parts classical.  His use of percussion and horns give the tune a "live" and unpredictable feel.

While Licht is starting with covers, he's looking to branch into original content "after finessing up my abilities with recording," he told us. The song could be a cool addition to shake up a mellow rap or chill-pop playlist. 

As to why The Lotus Eaters, he explained, "I love this song and the meditative mood it always seems to put me, so I thought it would do well in this medium."



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