VINOTHEKIDD Drops New Single -- 'Raspberry'

VINOTHEKIDD is a Hip-hop/Reggae artist from Worcester, Massachusetts.  This clever kid is creating a very unique sound with heavy pop, trap and r&b influences. He's also thinking outside the confining music box to incorporate sounds from the alternative rock and punk music genres. Last week he dropped a dope new single entitled "Raspberry"

On the track, his sound hits like a soulful rap juxtaposition of Nelly, Rod Wave and Sean Kingston. His unique delivery makes this song stand above the crowd. It's destined to be playlist a favorite. 

Aside from his rap flow and wavy lyrics, things to note on the track were Vino's crisp diction, the superb production quality of this single, and the wavy mellow guitar accompaniment. 

"And she sucked me like a demon.. she's OD"

Whats the story behind this project? How did it come about?

The story behind this song was basically I came back from a trip out of state to clear my head from a situation with a past love; and had a realization about where my life ended up in terms of romance and growth. 

Where do you get your lyrical content? What drives your message?
My lyrics are usually freestyled so I can get out all my raw thoughts and emotions in my lyrics. The thing that drives my message the most is my own shortcomings; because I want to be able to use those to educate the young bulls who been through the same type of heartache as me.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
My biggest influences are Toosii; Roddy Ricch, and Brent Faiyaz.


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