Yan Drops Dope New Mixtape, 'Two Kidz One City'

Growing up in New York City, hip hop was like a first language to rapper/recording artist, Yan.  Now he's using the genre to take him from Hell’s Kitchen to sunny Los Angeles where he's making music bridge sights and sounds.  He just d
ropped a new mixtape called "Two Kidz One City".  

This project is the introduction of Yan and Orion (Alter-EGO). It's an introduction that has been a few years in the making.  He explained that, "for the past 3 years, I've been working on an album. Last year when the pandemic hit, I decided to take a break from that album and create a small project so I can put more content out for everyone who’s been waiting for new music." We're glad he did. The 8 track project is split into Disc 1 and Disc 2, (a nice throwback feature from when comprehensive records and cds would be released on two discs). Disc 1 is representative of Yan while Orion is the featured subject on Disc 2. Each side has a distinct sound and feel.

Yan does a dope job of infusing soundtrack quality music with his crisp flow.  His confidence shines through in his rap delivery. The album opens with the self-titled track, Yan where he spits about "real n*gga problems" and pushes out a sound that's a cross between light trap and r&b.

"All this fake love really got a n*gga feelin antisocial" 

12345 featuring BabbyGod is another highlight of the tape. The song is smooth to the touch. The last track on Disc 1 is All Good. It has a lo-fi, vintage vibe. He raps, "we the kids from the 90s, that's why we vintage..." He spits over a simple, classic beat which gives him the flexibility to really showcase his handle of his bars. 

Disc 2 kicks off with a song called Orion featuring Keirock and Sam Chris. The vibe is noticeably darker, more mystical. Poison has a soulful feel. Yan channels his inner Andre 3000 on this jawn. 

On the last track, Lost, there is a futuristic, surreal feel kinda like The Wknd. If you close your eyes,  you can almost see the music. There are some out of the box strings on this song as well.

Yan is reinventing his sound to bridge the gap between music and cinema. When you listen to his music expect to see visuals that will blow you out of the water. 

In addition to his music, Yan is also founder of collective, Orion Dreams.  He's also and actor, fashion designer and recording artist. You can check out Yan's mixtape, "Two Kidz One City" on all major streaming platforms.


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