ALBUM REVIEW: Katie Ladubz Has 'Moves to Make'

Katie Ladubz is a 29 year old hip hop artist making her formal debut with the release of his new album, "Moves to Make".  The rapper/singer released the full-length, 16 track album back in February.

She's ferocious on the mic; her rawness comes not from an OD of explicit lyrics; rather she is just a beast with the bars. Her delivery is explosive, and her rudimentary, classic sound screams of a rap basement. Katie Ladubz is like a rapper's rapper. You can feel the love, respect, and pulse in her music.

"No need to rewind, cuz I supposed it over. Ran over my heart, like you were driving a Rover..."

For a debut project, she came out hard. On the intro track, Moves to Make, Katie raps over a rock infused beat that feels live and lit. Other notable tracks include Ostracized where she reflects back on her struggle growing up, and Mexico, complete with groovy beats and her hard hitting lyrics.

When Ladubz raps, you can hear the traces of her New England accent and her east coast realness. She grew up in New Hampshire, but now calls San Diego home. In Cali, she's been grinding, puttying in the work with Cult Muzic Media. 

But not every song on the album is a rap track. She slows it down and unleashes her vocals on In My Head. The song plays with elements of alternative rock as she sings about her complicated love life,  "I been running circles in my head, you're all up in my bed.."

"I'm clinically insane since the day I was born"

As a lyricist and an emcee, Katie Ladubz really shines on Revolution. Her delivery is polished, her wordplay is beast-mode, and her content is genuine -- an aspect that will help her music connect with listeners. She says how she feels, and delivers the message well.  


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