Album Review: Silas Luster - 'Built on Stolen Land'

Silas Luster is an up-and-coming hip hop artist, author and activist. While he was raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the 31 year old rapper is currently living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has a classic sensibility in his flow -- a sound reminiscent of early Nas with the poetic spoken-wordplay and crisp delivery. Perhaps it is his East Coast upbringing that helps gives his sound that certain luster. He recently released an album titled "Built on Stolen Land" which is now available on all streaming platforms. I had a long layover on my way to Egypt, so I decided to give it a stream.

The 8 track project feels like a mixtape. It has that authentic, unfiltered, basement rap feel; but without sacrificing production quality at all.  From beginning to end, "Built on Stolen Land" keeps the beats flowing--at times very soulful like on the track, Playgrounds --and other times, a more subdued and mellow delivery like on Our Return where he spits, "probably won't get most of the sh*t that I spit."

"It's our perspective.. learn something, grow from within"

When Luster raps, you can hear his love and respect for the genre. he keeps it all the way a hundred, and his lyrical content is raw, but not nasty. I f*ck with it. 



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