ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: New Zealand Rapper, Rosegang Drops New Single - '12 over 6'

23 year old New Zealand based hip hop artist, Rosegang has struggled with his on and off again relationship with music.  While he taught himself to play the drums as a youngin' and was surrounded by music during his upbringing, he walked away from it all at the age of 16 after getting caught up with the wrong crowd. 

It was not until a couple years ago that Rosegang found solace in hip hop and began writing and rapping about his experiences and heartache. Now the rapper has released a dope single entitled 12 over 6.  The song is based on the struggles and challenges we face in life. "In the song my lyrics share my story and my background", he explained. 

Rosegang, who was born and raised in Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, has a rich, husky sound. And there's a confidence that oozes out of his delivery. The song has a soulful meets trap feel, and the beat is lit. He delivers on the track lyrically and creatively. His unique genre bending flow structure is a like a cross between Rick Ross and Nicky Jam.  You definitely should check out his new single. 



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