ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Rapper TAO SHU Drops Dope New Single, 'Beautiful World'

TAO SHU is an emcee with lyrical skills and a fresh approach to his flow. There's not a major artist that I could really compare him to.  That's probably a first. The California grown hip hop artist has an undeniably distinct voice-- most notably are his friendly, mellow tone and poetic, conscious-like lyrics. He just dropped a new single entitled Beautiful World, and the song is dope. 

"Caught up in the motions, thats negative. If kids ain't woke, bro they eating all the sedatives..."

The 32 year old has a style that's somewhere between backpack and conscious rap. His introspective bars hit hard with his catchy melodies. Describing his approach, he admits, "every once in a while the listener might be caught off guard by a grand epiphany."

TAO SHU grew up in Sonoma, California, but now calls Norfolk, Virginia home. You can tell when he raps that he loves his craft, and he respects the genre.

Beautiful World is set to a retro beat that mixes 90's R&B type vibes with trappy high hats -- its out of the box. The lyrics are profound and push listeners to become a better version of themselves. I really liked when he spit, "why we feel the need to inebriate? Do you trust the universe? Do you believe in fate?" 

Check out the video below....

Who did you used to blast on repeat when you were coming up?

Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jurassic 5, Nas, Rhymesayers, and Jedi Mind Tricks.

How would u describe your sound?

Intense, clear, and esoteric...

The track is out now and available on major streaming platforms. Its definitely one you wanna hear.







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