Cypher the Avatar Releases new Single, 'Bulbasaur'

Cypher the Avatar is an independent hip hop artist who has a creative yet classic sound.  While he was born and raised in Houston, Texas, he has a gritty, hard-hitting basement sound that feels straight outta the Bronx. The rapper recently dropped a new single entitled Bulbasaur.

"Doing mental aerobics, no I can't control it. "

On the track, Cypher the Avatar is dropping some lyrical bars to an old-school rap, boom-boom bap type beat. He’s got skills on the mic and on the board—producing and engineered many of his tracks himself. Cypher also has a strong flow on the mic when he spits. His sound feels like a cross between The Beastie Boys and Rakim. He's like a rapper's rapper.

"keep the money, stay creative on my sound."

He didn't start paying attention to music until around 2010. "I started professionally in 2013 with the release of my first project, 'NeverKnowsBest'," he explained. 

Since then, he has released over 200 songs, always striving to create a new song and vibe. He says, "I want to create and love doing so."


Instagram: @cyphertheavatar
Snapchat: cxaalldaybaby

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