Grammy Nominated Artist, Paul Anthony Set to Drop Some Mellow Vibes on Upcoming Mixtape, 'Dream Sequences'

In the last decade, trap, drill, and reggaeton have slipped into hip hop's limelight. Who doesn't love a good turnup, but it's just as  cathartic to kickback and relax to some mellow vibes every now and then. It's been a tall task to find innovative, fresh chill sounds. However, a project came across my desk that really lights my candle.  Grammy nominated Reggae/Dancehall artist, Paul Anthony, in conjunction with Starburst Records, announced the upcoming release of "Dream Sequences", a 10 track mixtape combining chill LoFi Hip-Hop Beats with relaxing, introspective lyrical content written and performed by Paul.

I was able to get an exclusive listen, but the project will be available on music streaming platforms everywhere on June 25, 2021. 

This release is a new lane for Anthony whose been predominantly in the Reggae and Dancehall arena for the past 15+ years. "Dream Sequences" opens with a slowed down, soulful sound on Overthinker. The track discusses Paul's struggles with overthinking everything--a common human tendency. 

Other tracks that I really enjoyed include Poetry in Motion. The track infuses elements of chill-hop and LoFi as Paul Anthony sets off a series of beautifully written lyrics into musical motion. He profoundly raps, "I gravitate to kindred spirits who don't judge." Flow is also a standout. The song talks about falling in love in the digital age via social media.

"We could sink or stay floating through the waves..."

Paul collaborated on the writing and production of these 10 tracks on the Dream Sequences Mixtape with Starburst Records LoFi Artists Tokoname, distant.face and Strewing. All 10 songs were mixed and mastered by Jamaican born Producer, Artist and Engineer Solstarr. Paul stated that listening to this brand new collection of songs is “perfect for nighttime activities. They also offer a powerful musical remedy for dealing with anxiety by facilitating relaxation and deep thought.”

"Got some people around me, but I feel alone.... Nobody likes me, cuz nobody's like me"

The song that best showcases the versatility of Mr. Anthony's sound is Same Story. It is a definitive departure from his previous body of work. He really dove in deep with this project, expressing his heartfelt emotions with music and lyrics that are sure to connect with a broad base of listeners. On Same Story,  he touches on rejection --which often comes with taking chances. He sings, "trying not to lose my soul moving through the rocky roads." But Paul Anthony has navigated through rocky roads quite well before. And from what I hear on this mixtape, his path ahead is bright. 

Paul Anthony’s popularity has recently increased dramatically after scoring a Grammy Nomination for his involvement with The Wailers’ “Best Reggae” Album “One World” on which Paul co-wrote with Emilio Estefan and was a Featured Artist for the songs “Philosophy of Life” and “Only In Jamaica”. 

Paul Anthony knew at an early age that he was destined for a life in music. He was born in Boca Raton FL, son of a Canadian mother and a Jamaican father. Heavily influenced by his dad, singer/entertainer Pat Satchmo, Paul began his journey as a songwriter, recording artist, and performer when he was just 12 years old. 

Despite growing up outside of the Caribbean, Paul was raised to stay in tune with his roots. He recalls feeling deeply connected to his culture listening to Reggae and Dancehall music. He developed a love and admiration for Hip Hop as well, particularly the way lyrics were cleverly woven together by rappers. His style is constantly evolving as he seeks to strike a seamless balance between his Reggae/Dancehall foundation and Hip Hop influence to create an organic sound that is uniquely his own. 

In an interview with the Sun Sentinel, Cedella Marley, Daughter of Reggae Legend Bob Marley and C.E.O of Tuff Gong International said, “Paul is very talented and has an eclectic style that I really like. He blends Dancehall and Reggae in a contemporary way. He sounds like somebody who just came out of Jamaica. I just closed my eyes and listened to his sound." 

Paul Anthony believes music has the power to change lives. He proclaims, “Music is such a powerful, influential art form. I feel most accomplished as an artist when a person tells me that my songs helped them through a tough time, or made a positive impact on their life. That is my WHY.”




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