Pittsburgh Rapper, Timmy Turn Up Debuts His Raw Sound and Style on 'When Death Visits'

Timmy Turn Up is an up and coming hip hop artist mixing underground basement vibes with hard-hitting, drill heavy type beats to deliver a raw, unfiltered sound on his debut project.

The rapper recently dropped his new mixtape entitled "When Death Visits". After the past year and a half we've all had to endure--with this global pandemic, and the death and destruction it leaves in its path--this mixtape could easily be attributed exclusively to COVID-19, but that would be too easy, too cliche. And that is not who Timmy Turn Up is at all.  In fact, the 24 year old emcee  is a member of the hip hop/influencer collective, Addictive Accidents. 

"I could read you like a book, keep the gas under my foot..."

If the name of the project doesn't grab your attention, the music most certainly will.  Timmy lays out the vibe of the project on the first track, $cyth $eeing.  He raps, in the cut I leave em shook, in you place you will get put." He spits with confidence, lyrical fortitude and a rhythmic precision. 

Timmy Turn Up's flow and delivery have a classic, boom-bap feel. He stays close to rap's fundamentals; he the kind of rapper another rapper would enjoy. But not only is his tongue sharp, his creativity in wordplay is forefront on songs like Broke Boy where he spits over a drill beat, "I can't catch no feelings from no goofy hoe," and Captain Kirk, where he raps, "f*ck my neighbors, close the curtains, she go shirtless, I don't pay her, always hurting', Captain Kirkin'..."

For me, the dopest song on the project by far, is Doom.  This track just hits different. It showcases Turn Up's originality and musicality. The unique flow and rhythmic patterning is what we need more of in hip hop. This track is good for the culture and the genre. On the hook, he repeats, "Tell you what I didn't do, I'll tell you what I didn't do." Then he slides into a freestyle feeling flow, spitting, "brought the chopper in da booth...who wit you, I might shoot, if these voices tell me to."

"When I'm asleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep"

Closing is a close second. Timmy really gets poetic with the lyrics on the one. His sound channels a cross between J. Cole and Andre 3000, both masters of the mic. For a debut project, he really put the work in, and you can hear it. 

Other notable tracks include Cyberbully, My Plug Has the Best Feels, and Liquor Kissing--a song on which he opens up about some of his struggles and losses. Overall, "When Death Visits" is fresh, creative, and definitely worth the stream. Timmy Turn Up's light grit, raw lyrics, and hot energy have the potential to put him and his city on the map.


Facebook: Addictive Accidents
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@timmyturnup412?lang=en
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timmyturnup_loud/?hl=en


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