Rapper and Songwriter, Zay Releases His Daring Debut Album, 'Vengeance Without Fear'

Isaiah McKenzie, known professionally as Zay is a dope up-and-coming rapper and songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina. He recently completed his album entitled "Vengeance Without Fear", and the project has been captivating listeners since it's release. 

The 7 song rap project is his debut album, and with that, he chose works that best connect him with his audience. The highly musical album kicks off with Like the Carters. The beat mixes elements of trap, dubstep and lofi to introduce Zay's unique style and sound. He's not afraid to experiment with different genres or sounds. Zay's project is intriguing.

He kicks into first gear on the second track, Ah Yeah, which shows off his nice flow structure and writing skills. As he introduces himself to rap heads he spits, "been had the game in a Kimura lock". As a rapper, he's hot skills, and it shows. Ah Yeah served as the first single off the album, and the track hit number 1 on the BMS radio station charts for the week of April 18th - April 24th. 

"We come to take everything that you owe us..."

While this is his debut album, it is by no means his first time dropping music. He released a mixtape in 2017 titled the ZayEP which gave him recognition in South Carolina and Georgia. Then in 2018 his group, Set 4 Life signed to the record label, Manifest Records and released the album "Shut Up and Listen". From there, he began performing in Atlanta GA, Raleigh NC, Fayetteville NC, Durham NC, Greenville, SC, and New York City. In 2019, Zay released Coast 2 Coast, a dancehall lively upbeat track that he compliments with intimacy and a feature by Breana Marin. The song definitely needed another go, so its no surprise that Zay included it on the album.  It's one for your playlist. 

Wonder has a mellow vibe that leaves plenty of room for Zay to rip up this track-- and he does just that, switching up his flow between a classic hard hitting structure and a melodic introspective chorus. 

 "traded in private life just to be seen."

My favorite track on "Vengeance Without Fear" is Part of the Story. The song's sound is unique off the rip, and Zay's performance doesn't miss a beat. The beat has an unusual rhythm that draws in the listener, and the lyrical content is A1. He raps, "you wanna give me that cookie, but girl, those are crumbs to me. I'm focused on money, chief." 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialzayymusic/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4XxeLF61t9UBtocnfi6Dnw#menu


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