Rapper, Natalac Prepares to Release New Album, 'Love & Pimp-Hop'

Natalac is a 46 year old rap artist from Jacksonville, Florida. He has a unique sound and style that he describes as "pimp-hop".  On June 20th, 2021, he will be releasing his 12th album entitled, "Love & Pimp-Hop".

He's a 30 year hip hop veteran, and brings his experience and wisdom to the game. Many of his lyrics send messages of positivity and inspiration. His subdued flow, out of sight word play, and highly musical delivery make his music perfect for listeners of all ages. 

The upcoming project is a curated collection of "Pimp-Hop" music by some of the rap game's biggest pimp-hop artists including L.A. heavyweight, Kokane, who is the founder of G Funk and has worked with Dr. Dre for over 30 years.  Others on the album include:  JT Money, Suga Free, Hybrid803, Nicole Marie, Benzino, La Chat, Mr. Mince, Professor Hoetester, Nuke Fie, Haze Karolina, Drumlordz Shawty, Mr Smith aka Bo$$ Money, and of course Natalac himself, Pimp of the Nation. And for a touch of positive vibes for the rap world, Mikhail Muhammad.

"And we still  rollin... Covid ain't slowed sh*t here"

One of the highlights for me is Chuuuch featuring Kollard Green and Hybrid803. The song has that West Coast 90s funk that reminds me of when Da Brat sampled Snoop Dogg on her song, Funkdafied

Another standout is Never Comes Down. The soulful beat comes to a peak when Natalac chants," when a pimp go high, he never come down." This song is a perfect addition to my late night playlist. 

 This is an album that you will definitely enjoy.  June 20th can't come soon enough!


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