TerryTheVoice Releases New Video For 'Under Surveillance' [VIDEO]

With the prevalence of excessive force being used by the Nigerian armed forces on her citizens, Nigerian hip hop artist, TerryTheVoice used his artistic arsenal to capture this ugly reality and spread awareness on how young Nigerians continue live ‘under surveillance’ in their own country- and even abroad. He just dropped the music video for his song, Under Surveillance.
While protests against police brutality in the USA have become a heavily discussed topic, Terry seeks to shed light on how very little attention is being paid to the harassment and violent repression in Africa’s most populous nation.

"Me I plant, but na them wan come they harvest my corn " Terry’s hope is that ‘Under Surveillance’ brings a greater awareness to this evil and brings about accountability and an end the impunity and brutality being endured by the Nigerian youth.

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