Zavier Lets Go of His Dark Past with New Single, 'I Stand Alone'

Zavier is an experiment hip hop artist/ singer-songwriter who recently released a new single entitled, "I Stand Alone". The singer, has a cultural background that makes his sound truly original and sets him apart from his peers. Born in New York, grew up in Morocco, also lived in Barbados, and he's now back in the Big Apple. 

Through the use of autotune, his synthesized vocals give the single a futuristic, aethereal feel; it matches his heartfelt sentiment in the song. The 23 year old, who says he's "trying to let go of a dark past with so called friends," put his feelings into his music. 

Zavier has a smooth sound; he's like a cross between The Wknd, Drake and Frank Ocean.

I really enjoy the alternative, out-of-the-box progressive R&B vibe on the track. Its just what the song needed to take some of the edge off of the heavy lyrical content. 

Of his "so called friends" that inspired the track, Zavier says he hopes "this song will help me brush them off and start a new journey." On the track, he sings, "so I stand alone, leaving you where you belong."   

"I Stand Alone" is out now and is available on all major platforms. 


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