ALBUM REVIEW: J-Carter Talks 5th Studio Album, 'Nowhere To Go But Up'

The coronavirus has slowed down many operations, but not for the "Dirty Jerz" rapper, J-Carter. He's back with his 5th album entitled "Nowhere To Go But Up"

Visually, no one would call into question J-Carter's commanding presence. But his sound is just as notable. His mature, northeastern, classical rap sensibility also exudes a forceful, commanding presence.  He raps with confidence and precision. This guy knows his way around the genre. 

The album hits many notes and serves plays with elements of a number of other musical genres.  J-Carter states “Hip-hop is in my D.N.A so we can never part ways”. With this new album he plans to show his versatility and lyrical range with a plethora of songs that’s transcends all genres in hip-hop, r&b, country, pop, rock, and even blues. 

With 48 tracks spread across this album, there is nothing lacking to quench the thirst of the real hip-hop heads searching for that lyricism and realness.  

The are a few some tracks that really standout including For Your Love where Carter mixes R&B and rap vibes on this upbeat song. He raps, "yea, I'm not waiting around my love for you speaks volumes without making a sound."

Another song that is really special is This World's Insane. All they talk about is riches and snitches. You really get that basement, underground rap vibe on this track. It's a highly lyrical tune; he spits "I hope that I don't lose it, I stay in my music. We at world war, but we continue to abuse it."

"Nowhere To Go But Up "is an album that balances that traditional lyricism with a contemporary outer shell. It aims to keep the realness and reality that hip-hop was known for since it’s creation. And he does this quite well. The project pays homage to the genre, classic boom bap beats, solid bars of real poetic type sh*t, and a rhythmic flow that compliments the music its attached to. 




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