ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: .BAJ Set to Drop Album in July

.BAJ is a 25  year old hip hop artist quickly rising up the ranks. Although he's living in California,  he will always call New Iberia, Louisiana home. His upcoming album will be released next month on July 7th, and listeners will be rewarded for their patience. While .BAJ has only been making music for a year, he has mastered a sound that is a mixture of melodic trap, mellow rap, and progressive r&b. 

And listeners have responded positively to his creativity. Last year, he dropped a track entitled No Trust. Since it's release, the video has racked up over a quarter of a million views on YouTube. You can check it out below.


"Got me poppin pills, got me tryna take my soul"

The indie artist says, "music take me away from all my problems... honestly it’s a get away." Earlier this year he dropped a single entitled project living where melodically raps about his rough upbringing and started off having nothing. But with the calibre of his music he's blessing listeners with, this trapper is only headed up. He says, "I’m tryna be one of the best to do it." And we can hear that in his music. You should definitely be on the lookout for his upcoming album. His socials are below.


Instagram: @okaybaj


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