ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Matej Says He's Ready to Go, Releases Debut Single, 'Times Up'

Matej is a 31 year old singer and hip hop artist. A New England native, he was born in Boston and raised on the south shore of Massachusetts where he remains. Yet his creativity stands to carry his sound far beyond the borders of his state. His unique sound -- a mix of rap, pop and r&b, give his music glowing edge that is pleasing to the ears and lyrically fulfilling to the imagination. He just released his debut single, Times Up. 

Take a listen:

The out of the box musical experience on this track is genre shattering.  Matej floats back and forth between a lyrical rap and singing vibe. His voice is smooth, and he keeps a nice flow going through the song. For a debut release, he hit this one out of the park.

"No its my my time, but I'm getting close. Not my time but Im ready to go..."

Matej describes himself as mainly a songwriter "finally stepping into the artist light to make a name for myself." He's says the space that he's in now "has been a long time coming... perfecting my craft." And it has been no walk in the park. Matej went to business school for his associates degree while taking care of his disabled mother; she had a stroke when he was 16.  Now he's putting his troubles behind him and trying to let his voice be heard.

Matej says the single is about how "going through life you loose family and friends and even yourself and you really just have to give your self what you deserve and want f*ck the bullshit lol." 



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