ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: 'The Sky Is Never The Limit' For Rapper, Marcus Alland

Marcus Alland is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist and a native of Queens, New York. The rapper just released a freshly innovative single entitled Sky Is Never The Limit. His message is clear--there's always more, so go get it. The track's lyrics have an inspirational message, and his delivery is crisp and clear.

Alland has an infectious energy when he raps. Perhaps its his positive outlook and lyrical content that give him that pep in his performance. He spits, "get up and get it. The sky is never the limit."

The positive vibes on the song music make it  joy to listen to. The New York rapper is part of a small, unique brand of young artists pushing out refreshing content.  With a natural talent for music production and an inner drive for creativity, Marcus Alland is poised to pop. 

"Never let em say that you can never finish..."





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