BRY444N Releases Positive Energies on New EP, 'Equinox'

When you hear good music, it makes you feel good inside. Listening to Seattle Based artist, BRY444N, you will emerge enlightened by his new age lyricism and futuristic creativity. 

He dropped a dope 3 track EP project entitled, "Equinox" off of his Emotion Entertainment label. On the project, he uses his gift of storytelling to paint imaginative imagery and engage listeners with his conscious yet poetic wordplay. All the while, soulful melodies surround his sound. His sound is a juxtaposition of rap, soul, and alternative-hip hop. 

With a mixture of soulfulness, spirituality, and straight-up positivity, BRY444N offers listeners of his EP inspiration and encouragement. Living in our new-normal world where death has approached many doorsteps and left reminders on others, his profound and uplifting lyrics are appreciated. On his song, Angels, he spits  "God told me I can go the distance, grown man with some grown intentions, moving different cuz my mission shifted. Now its triple 7 all up in my vision."

I stand tall when them soldiers come..."

On Keep it Positive, BRY444N pushes his listeners to a higher level of consciousness. He raps, "elevate the world's frequency, there's a plan here for you and me." The track has a fresh, bare bones pulse that runs through it. The background music leaves room from the rapper's lyrics to really shine.

This is a project you definitely want to stream. 



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