DJ Kaito Drops New Rap Album, '10 Years'

Simon Bohnsack, also better known under the psyeudonym Destroyed Jeane "DJ" Kaito is a 23 year old hip hop artist from Hanover, Germany. He just dropped a new rap project entitled "10 Years" which celebrates his 10 years in the music game. 

The 15 track, backpack rap themed album pays homage to his upbringing and heritage, while showcasing his versatility as an internationally recognized emcee. DJ Kaito spits in both English and German on the album, and even though I don't understand every word, I can feel his oneness hip hop's boom bap beats; and its clear that his verbal acuity is all there. His music has that underground, indie, classic basement feel. And that vibe has no borders. 

With this new album, the rapper will tour Europe making performance stops in Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands. As exciting as it is to be doing a tour around Europe, it almost seems impossible that a 23 year old could be celebrating a decade in the music industry. But DJ Kaito got an early start.

Kaito has been living out his creative musical side since childhood. At 12, he began playing mandolin, harmonica and piano .  As a teen,  his love of music prompted him to mess around with the YouTube platform, and he took over the channel "superconan4ever" (today: "Vier Sterne Deluxe") from a friend. Later that year, Kaito founded the music project, "Vier Sterne Deluxe" with his colleague and friend "DJ Sheldon", which has released two albums and two EPs to date.

Kaito pushes his music independently, using the music project's name for his own record label, Vier Sterne Deluxe Records.

In 2013 Simon released the concept mixtape "Das Vermächniss der RST" which consists of syllables without meaning. Due to the interest of the fans in this kind of music, which from now on is known as RST, songs of this kind by Simon have been released until today. 

In 2015 the RST music video "Don't wanna be a Quader" from the Album "Best of DJK" became a viral hit. In 2016 his EP DISS charted #1 at the INICAT Charts. 

After the success of the music video and the album, Simon set out on a dream come true: An own tour. In May 2016 it was time after months of work. Hamburg, Braunschweig, Düsseldorf and Hanover were the stops on the "Mahnwachen Tour 2016". 

2017 the "STOPP RAMSTEIN Tour", which was also advertised on national TV, continued the success of the tour. 

In the same year the album #LightningQuader appeared with a big promotion. In the meantime, he collaborated with various artists such as Paula P'Cay, Sintakk, Diehlenbrothals or the music project WAMP. 

At the beginning of 2018 Simon came out as a pansexual to his fans and retired for a while to get time for himself. Despite this, he appeared on the 4th Nationwide vigil in Berlin together with artists such as Die Bandbreite, Ukavalli or Austrian Chartbreaker Kilez More. Also in Hambug a live album was recorded, which released at the end of 2018.

In 2019 he returned with his newest and best selling album "Signal kommt".

Standout tracks on "10 Years" include Roast Yourself, Truthrap ft. Sintakk, and Diss.











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