Is Dave Skillz the New Wavelength the Industry Needs?

Dave Skillz is an up and coming hip hop artist coming from the northside of Atlanta. But while he grew up  in the same place as Migos, he flows on a new wavelength with his signature 'juicin' sound. When he flows, the rapper hits a different part of the ear's sensory. It just hits different. Getting to this space was no small feat. Explaining his music making process, he said, "I like to set the lighting vibe with juicin colors which is blue and purple colors. And I roll up some good smoke and I go through beats. Once a beat catches me, I upload it immediately and do a freestyle over the entire beat to catch a vibe. Then I listen to what rhythms I liked from the freestyle and recreate from there."

Since the pandemic, Skillz aka The Juicer has had a lot of time to master his unique sound and technique. Earlier this year, the ATLien released the visual to his single, Slick Brisk which definitely has a sound of its own. His vocal performance on the track gives off a futuristic confidence, and his melodic delivery over trap based beats are very ear catching. In the video, Dave Skillz  plays with that indie, basement vibe that seems to fit perfectly with the song's experimental trap sound.

While he admits, he grew up bumpin Nelly, he is a diligent student Southern Hip Hop and the art of trap music. He says, "being from Atlanta, I always love a beat where the bassline is just through the roof. Heavy bass beats with a few melodic tones and u got yourself a juicin song."

Afterwards, he released an EP “5 Nights Of Juicin” which sets the tempo of the Juicin theme. You can get a visual aspect of the coloration and Juicin lifestyle just from one listen to the EP. 

He also dropped “Infamous Hussle”; it's a label project aimed at highlighting the label's talent. Skillz is continuing to load up his catalog to shape-shift the game.

'We juicin everywhere, we droppin drip'







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