James Roan Spits Positivity On New Single, 'What's Up Now?!', Teases Upcoming Album

James Roan is an emerging hip hop artist from Miami, Florida. He makes music, not for the clout or the money, but because he wants to bring quality music to the game. 'To show that I can bring something new and fresh to the game, he explained.

He recently released a new single "What's Up Now?!" and put out a music video for the track which has already racked up over 70K views.


His crisp flow, subdued yet articulate delivery and conscious kinda vibe is not what most rappers out of South Florida are pushing out, so his music is hitting listeners differently. His refreshing approach and uplifting lyrics give listeners encouragement. He says, the track is "for anyone who feels discouraged" and urges folk to go for their goals.

"Trippin' cause you spendin' your advance on cars"

Roan is certainly going for his. He says,  "I will be the future leader of the next generation. My next album titled "Power Forward" will be testament to that."


IG: @jamesroan_
Twitter: @jamesroan_

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