King June Drops Dope New Album, 'I’m the King, He’s the GOAT'

King June is a 31 year old producer/athlete from Daytona Beach, Florida. The same competitive spirit that he brought as a guard for the University of Central Florida's basketball team is carried through to his music. He dropped a new album “I’m the King, He’s the GOAT” years after "THE JUNE TAPE" to celebrate his birthday 6.3.21.

As he raps, "you a billion dollars bih" on Billion $I can't help but hear a similarity in his tone and delivery to New Boyz's 2009 song, You're a Jerk and Tyga's 2011 hit, Rack City. But these familiar nostalgic vibes are part of King June's style. The trap and usually sample based producer provides 7 melodic tracks with features from several upcoming artists including Crown, 300 lbs of Guwop & W R E C K A to name a few. 

"I just took a Percocet and told her come wit it..."

But make no mistake--June's latest project is multidimensional on a genre and sonic level. On Party, he channels futuristic, reggae type vibes. Need a Freak has that fun, laid back energy that's perfect for the nightcap or kickback playlist. There are nice gems throughout King June's album. Definitely one to check out!


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