NOYZ Pops With 'Smoke It Off'

NOYZ is an American rapper originating from many parts of the country and few parts of the world. At a young age NOYZ fell in love with descriptive writing. As he jumped around  from place to place, he also began bouncing around a with the ideas of becoming a novelist or a scriptwriter. He took an even more creative lane with his writing when he found himself relating to rap music and the culture in which it's surrounded by. He mastered the arts of lyricism and wordplay-- keeping notebooks, writing random rhymes at the age of fourteen.  His latest project is entitled "Now I See"

The 7 song album is a lyric heavy collection of introspective, backpack-ish content. Noyz is nice with the delivery. While the project brings a certain newness about it, his flow is compact and classically delicious. Against a landscape of experimental, trap inspired beats, Noyz drops some dope tracks like Ain't Shit on My Wrist, Thankful to See the Horizon, but the the track that is really bussin' is Smoke it Off. He raps about stealing to pay debts and put food on the table, loneliness, and using weed as a crutch.

"I feel everyone got someone behind em to hold em down except for me. The only world who ever knew my true emotions were trees" 

NOYZ performed at his first live show at a small gathering at a private party and a few years later worked his way up to performance venues. After his last show in December 2019, NOYZ decided it was time to take the next step in his career and share his music with the world. Six months later, NOYZ released his 3 track EP 'ENVY' in June 2020 and shortly after has begun working on a second project. The young artist has already released a single and a video from the new project, “Now I See” by NOYZ. The full project dropped March 30, 2021.






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