Adeel Gets Emo on Single, 'Fly 2 The Moon'

Adeel is 19 year old hip hop artist with a refreshing alternative sound. The Portland, Oregon native knew he had talent by 13, but  didn't start making music until age 17. His emo-trap sound is a reflection of his experiences and how he's chosen to deal with them. His new single, Fly 2 The Moon bridges elements of backpack, emo, alternative and trap to deliver a heartfelt, authentic song that touches on Adeel's rough upbringing and his life's struggles. 

While many people face adversity, not everyone is able to channel that negative energy into something creative or productive. And it hasn't been a walk in the park for Adeel either.  Born Adeel Shakeel Qureshi on March 21st, 2002-- just months after 9/11, "I was always an outcast at school," he explained. He bounced between high schools before eventually dropping out at the age of 17. "My father left when I was young, and my mother was forced to raise two children... a single mother who had to overcome the adversities of being a Muslim in America."  He grew up on Section 8 and caught his first brush with the law at 13.

"I don't know where I'd be without my slimes." 

"I make music so I can make someone's day better," he says.  In school, he wasn't exactly the most popular kid. "My life has been a slippery slope of ups and downs. I made Fly 2 the Moon in my room and recorded it 3 days later. When I showed the song to my friends they were amazed and I got it into a professional studio a month later. I dropped the song and didn't think it would do much numbers but people seemed to love it."

"Smoking that gas got me going real high"

Adeel says he plans on releasing a music video for his single in the coming months. He admits he was caught off guard when the track went viral. "I released the song thinking it was going to do ok and woke up the next morning with hundreds of thousands of plays."

His Bieber-pitched voice, laid back energy and original sound coupled with his willingness to open-up and show vulnerability on the lyrics probably have a lot to do with why the song is connecting with so many listeners.

This talented artist is going places, and the song is definitely one for your playlist!



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