AntBanks380 Dropes Dope, Positive Single, 'Inspirational Hip-Hop Lives'

AntBanks380 is a conscious force in hip hop. His classic rap style is a world away from the trap, drill, and diss tracks flooding the streaming and airwaves. His latest release, Inspirational Hip-Hop Lives, is an upbeat rap track that features uplifting lyrics filled with light and positivity

Ant's "Inspirational Hip-Hop" has NO Profanity and does not use the "N" word in any lyrics.  As an emcee, Ant really shines. His flow is steady, and his lyrical content goes hard.  His sound gives off that old-school rhythmic lyricism  but its set to a new age, fresh beat.  

When he raps, it feels like a cross between Rakim and Nas. 

"When you hear the boom bap, then you hear the bass kick in"

While AntBaks380 raps with precision, his talents go beyond the mic. The 47 year old emcee is also the founder and creator of EarHustlingFamily originating out of Houston, Texas.

Music is distributed via a "digi-card" and is also available on major streaming platforms.



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