Artist Spotlight: Rapper, Sircaliburx Drops Banger, 'Crack in the Hat'

Philly based hip hop artist, Sircaliburx dropped a dope track earlier this month that I had the pleasure of hearing yesterday.  The single is entitled Crack in the Hat.  It's an explosive track that juxtaposes the trap life with the fun Dr. Seuss nursery rhyme, the Cat in the Hat. On the track, you hear him ask, "man, why did you sell the cat in the hat crack, man. He's on the corner of the block.. smokin' that grease." 

The rapper has a gritty yet infectious spirit when he raps. He credits as influences, Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask the Slump God, and  Famous Dex. On the track, he spits:

Grease, grease.. You know I got that grease. 

Heat, heat... You know I got that ice. 

Sircaliburx is a creative force; he created a brand and label called InTheWave Corp that provides clothing, merchandise, videography and photography services.  The inspiration behind his brand and label is a genre of music called vaporwave, “I want to make music I love and to relax to. Some of my sound I wanted to focus on nostalgia that will take you back. With my music, I just started trying to find my sound and continue to evolve it,” he explained.

He also found a niche in memes--which is smart because it gives him ample opportunities to increase his social media base-- he has over 27K Instagram followers.  “I call myself the MEME GOD,” he explained. 

His advice to up-and-coming rappers is to "stay true to yourself even if nobody else believes in you stay true to yourself and keep building yourself."


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