ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Self-Taught Music Producer, T6MLIN Wants to Share His Music with the World

T6MLIN is a 30 year old, self-taught DJ and music producer.  With more than 500 projects under his belt,  he's now ready to share his music and talents with others.  He recently started a YouTube channel called T6MLIN MUSIC.  "I make music of all different types of genres / tempo's - you never know whats coming next!"

Born and raised in Nottingham, England, he was inspired by local emcees and producers. "Although I've had turntables and mixed and mashed other peoples music on computers since I was in my early teens, I actually only started producing my own unique music in late 2018. I am now wanting to show my music to the world." 

His sound is a cool mix of electronic and dub step. He just released his first track, Downpour onto over 150 digital stores worldwide. It's an upbeat track that will make your ear drums bop. And he also dropped an official ringtone, Hello Pluto which is available on iTunes. 


Facebook - Tomlin Musix
Instagram - @t6mlin_music
Twitter - @t6mlin



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