Cap.Cat Drops Dope Lo-Fi Hip Hop SIngle, 'Feeling Like a Rat in a Big City' is a French hip hop artist from Paris. His lo-fi, indie sound pays homage to the boom-bap fundamentals of old school rap while playing with experimental live instrument loops and sample sounds. His new single,  Feeling Like a Rat in a Big City, has a dope chill-hop vibe. 

The 26 year old is passionate about old and new ways of making music, piano, painting and photography. "I mainly do sample based hip hop or techno", he explained, "but it's hard to say as I try not to be in just one genre."

I'd put this is song in an experimental rap/chill-hop playlist. It's perfect for the mellow kickback or when you're on the study tip. What I love about's music is his appreciation for that old school/lo-fi aesthetic. 

"As an independent artist, I am free to explore whatever vibes I want," he said.  And music provides him with a creative outlet that is drastically different than his 9 to 5. "During the day, I'm an engineer in network and security. It's only at night that I put on my producer coat."



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