Derek Evans Drops Moving New Single, 'Warrior'

Derek Evans is a multifaceted, creative 90’s kid from Reading, Pennsylvania.  His upbringing, his love for hip hop, and the obstacles he's overcome are all a part of what drives his lyrical content. He recently dropped a new single entitled, Warrior.  

The rap track has a dope beat a rock solid message. Evans spits about his life, his anxiety, depression, and his determination for greatness. The song is inspirational and made the two little hairs on my arm stand up and sway back and forth. It's got that melodic, backpack rap anthem quality. 

"Every legend defined by how they finish..."

Besides being a songwriter, Derek Evans is also the author of the book “So Close to Death Yet So Far Away”. I was able to ask him some questions to get to know a little more about who he is and what inspires his sound. 

How did you fall in love with hip hop?

I fell in love with hip hop at a young age from listening to it on the radio with my mom. I remember hearing “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast when I was 9 years old, and that was the song that made me really fall in love with hip hop. I went to school rapping and singing that song immediately after I heard it. 

Coming up, who did you listen to on repeat?

I listened to various artists growing up ... Tupac, Kayne West, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Mac Miller were artists I listened to the most. 

What's the story behind Warrior? 

The story behind “Warrior” is a personal one. The the song speaks about heartbreak, struggles with career, relationships, and anxiety and depression. The song is about overcoming obstacles to succeed. That instead of giving up you may need to work twice as hard to get what you want. As the lyrics state “I guess I got to go twice as hard to be a legend.” 

What about your upbringing can hear through your sound or feel through your lyrics?

What you can hear through my sound or feel through my lyrics is my desire to be great and that I truly care about people and the legacy I leave behind.

Warrior is definitely a song worth a listen. You can stream it on all major platforms. 


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