Destinee Reneé Brings that Good Lovin' Vibe on New Single, 'Suave'

Singer-songwriter, Destinee Reneé is bringing that good, baby makin R&B for the summer. After a year of social distancing, quarantining, and stressing about all things pandemic, the singer released a steamy video for her new single, Suave. 

"I need your good lovin'..."

Destinee's vocal quality has a subtle resemblance to SZA x H.E.R. But the singer's confident attitude and narrative lyric style on Suave give off a more early 2000s R&B Nivea type energy. I love the juxtaposition.

The singer has the ability to connect with listeners with her authentic lyrical content. She sings, "I still get nervous when I'm around you. My palms getting sweaty, my heart's beating fast". And there are other moments when the singer is open about what she wants. "Is you gon' slide," she sings, "I wanna see you tonight."

The song is produced well and the video shows Reneé is ready for her hot girl summer!


YouTube: Destinee Reneé - Suave - YouTube



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