Hip Hop Producer, Delight -- Stars EP

Hip hop producer, Delight is a versatile, self taught multi-instrumentalist who uses his musical acuity to create dope beats and experimental sounds. His latest project is a 13 minute full beat tape EP entitled "Stars".  Instead of breaking the EP into various tracks, Delight presents the tape as one continuous recording of 13:13. This approach allows the listener to experience the various stages of hip hop through the abstract lens of Delight.

It feels like a hip hop sonata with everything from bright, airy circus vibes to dark, horror sequence loops. "Stars" has a chopped and scratched up approach to the boom bap beats of hip hop. It feels fresh, live, and continuously evolving. The EP closes out with a relaxing chill hop, jazzy instrumental beat. 

"Bang your fist on the wall like this"

My favorite section of the project is part 3 where there are a number of vocal samples used. The vast majority of the Stars EP is comprised of heavily chopped samples from John Carpenter's original motion picture soundtrack of Dark Star. 

He says the process for making the EP was simple: "put the records on a Numark TTX turntable, take samples into the SP-404SX, perform the beat live and upload into Ableton, layer live scratches over the top." 

Delight resides in a small town in Texas. Aside from all the instruments he taught himself to play, he's a classically trained tenor and has been producing hip hop for 21 years. His passion for crate digging and the never ending search for gems keeps his inspiration flowing. He is constantly collaborating with rappers to help them add depth to their tracks with his ability to "get down like a mother f*cker."

Delight's "Stars" EP is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and all other major streaming services.



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