Music Producer + Beatmaker, IN-L Makes Music That's Authentic

Nate Lamont, professionally known as IN-L is a multi-genre music producer and beatmaker. His original sound comes from his cross-blend of cultures.  "I'm originally from Miami, Fl., with half of my family being from Nassau, Bahamas, and the other half from Miami," he explained. So many of his tracks have an island flair. Now he lives just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, a hotbed for trap music, southern hip hop, and progressive r&b. He has also produced tracks with everything from EDM to country vibes. 

He recently dropped a number of new instrumentals which he calls, "Authentic Fire". One of my favorites is a hip hop track entitled, Truth Willed It. It has a booming bass filled beat.  Its clear from the production quality and experimental feel that IN-L knows and enjoys what he's doing. "My love for music spans over 20 years!" he said.

Another dope song is Shake it Off.  The track has a thumping beat and a reggaeton feel. He has a number of tracks, each with a different feel. "This is the first time I have professionally pursued my longtime passion. I like to personally play the background and let my music lead the way, and be judged on it's own." And you can be the judge and jury. All his music, he says, "is for anyone who wants it."  That attitude is why he is a producer who deserves some more shine.

If you're a rapper, he has some neat hip hip beats. Check out Fire on One, Looking for Jesus, and Marriage is Important. The song God is Good has a spiritual vibe like Kanye West's Jesus Walks.  You can give all his beats a listen here:

IN-L says, "I believe that I stand out because I was born with an ear for music. I can arrange and create different genres of sounds that cross barriers."  


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