Rapper/Producer. Marcus Porter Shed's Light on His Struggle on New Single, 'Born Black' Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin and The King

Growing up a black boy in the Midwest, rapper/producer, Marcus Porter was always aware of his difference, his blackness. Whether it was the climate finally lending space for black guys to talk about their painful unique struggles or his own "wokeness" that inspired the track, the 30 year old hip hop artist is using his experience to uplift and inspire others through his music. Porter recently dropped the a visual for his riveting and spirited new single, Born Black Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin and The King. 

I'm not always a fan of conscious rap, but the first time I heard the track, I gotta admit -- It gave me chills! He spits on the chorus, "born black, I'll die black. That's facts. Using these words to document..." And the song doesn't have that underground basement feel that often accompanies conscious content. He widens his appeal by using hues of indie, backpack rap and hints of r&b.  The Madison, Wisconsin native started out creating music just for his own ears, but then realized that his music needed to resonate with other people. Having been praised by fans as a true artist, Marcus Porter has performed at the Lifest stage and has hosted many other intimate yet engaging performances. 

As the proud artist behind Born Black Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin & The King " Marcus Porter has been compared to the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and also Travis Scott. Deemed by the Buzz Music LA Blog as a “unique rapper and lyricist who has undeniable skill” and an “artist who is unafraid to bare his soul” through poetically curated lyrics and melodies, Marcus Porter is one talented rapper bringing his A game to the world of music. 

Currently, Marcus Porter spends his free time engineering and networking to build his own brand. He’s also currently working on his music projects, which he aims to drop into the commercial scene in the coming years fall. Super fresh, cool and exciting, we can’t wait for Marcus Porter to light up the stage at a small, intimate mic night or any stage of any venue.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/mpdreamingloud

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marcusp90/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MPDreamingloud/

YouTube: Born Black Ft. 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin & The King *Official Visual* - YouTube


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