REVIEW: Rapper A1Dawkins Set to Release New EP, 'No Love Lost'

For most of his life, people associated Everett Dawkins with sports. Always an A1 athlete, the Spartanburg, South Carolina native played professional football until he was 27. Now, at 31, the rapper/songwriter is showing off his skills in the booth. He released his first single last fall as A1Dawkins as he's known in the hip hop community. Since then, A1 has been in the studio grinding. He's using the same discipline and energy that gave him success as an athlete on his new rap project dropping later this week. 

I got an exclusive listen to his new EP, "No Love Lost" which drops Thursday, July 22nd. The 5 track project showcases his versatility as an artist and his skills as a songwriter. "I write all my own lyrics," he explained. 

"Shorty spicy.. I call her Lil Cajun.."

A1Dawkins has that familiar southern trap sound that resonates with listeners.  The highlight of the EP is Blazin.  It has a sexy, smooth trap romantic vibe. On the ballad, he melodically raps on the chorus, about the kinda woman we all wish we had... "she bout whatever, I stay on the go. Help me get up off the flo'. Weight on my shoulders, she help me unload." 

On Elevate, the last track on the the album, A1 switched up the flow. Produced by Chabow, the song has a finale, anthem-like quality. Young in his hip hop career, Dawkins admits he's still finding himself musically, but his ability to deliver a solid flow despite the speed or style of the track shows his versatility as a rapper. And his lyrical content on this track showcases his talents as a songwriter. This is an EP you definitely need to stream once it drops. Add this one to the playlist. 


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