SINGLE REVIEW: JaredSB and CBZ Nay Collab on Single, 'Bed Stuy'

Growing up in Brooklyn was a fond memory for me. I spent most of my childhood between the Bed Stuy and Flatbush and can still nostalgically feel the heavy bass from the cars and boomboxes that blasted rap and reggae for all to hear.  I came up in the 80s & 90s --an era where Brooklyn's hip hop identity was still in the process of being molded. Now the borough has solidified its place in hip hop history, and two of young residents are repping hard for the Stuy. Singer and dancer, JaredSB and rapper/poet, CBZ Nay teamed up on a dope new single entitled Bed Stuy.

The track has a chill, rhythm and bars type sound. It mixes Brooklyn rap vibes with a laid back, progressive r&b kinda energy. Like The Notorious B.I.G., 20 year old JaredSB grew up in the Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. He started singing at 5 and began making music at 12. When he opens his mouth,  you can hear heavy Chris brown, Michael Jackson influences in his voice. The singer says he plans on being “Brooklyn's king of R&B."

"Rockin' all this drippy, and rest in peace to Nipsey"

CBZ Nay, 19, is also from the Stuy. He is on the fast-track. "I just really started making music last year in May", he revealed. After watching his best friend JaredSB make his moves, Nay decided to create his own path. Some of the influences you'll hear in his sound include Jay Critch, Polo G, Lil Baby & Lil Durk.  Nay's new school harmonic tunes make any song “a good vibe”.

The two young artists have over 200 songs ready and recorded but they wanted to represent where they come from with this first single, “Bed Stuy”.


Instagram: @jaredsb_     @cbz.nay


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