Stockton Rapper, Kloud9Trizzy Gets Real on New EP, 'I Am Trizzy'

Kloud9Trizzy is a rapper up next. The 29 year old emcee hails from Stockton, California and is part of a growing list of the Central Valley's poppin' talents like, Haiti Babii and Bankrol Hayden. For over 15 years, Trizzy has established himself as a local rap artist within Stockton's growing hip-hop circuit, booking shows and releasing several independent projects like 'Level 9000' and 'Just Clownin' before signing to All In-House Entertainment. His latest release,  "I Am Trizzy," is a 4 song EP in which the rapper uses his bars and beats to tell his authentic story to both his millennial fans and a fresh new generation of hip hop listeners.

The project opens with Gun Case. The track's bassline and beat give the track that West Coast vibe. On the song, he raps about his hustling, not having downtime, and that "only real niggas can fly this way." The song has a nice lil groove that sets the mood for the EP. The Ten Toes Remix has that classic 2000s era sound with new age street vocabulary -- one of the dopest bars is when he spits, "I got a squad full of wolves and we sniffin' out the trap". Trizzy gives off a mix of JaRule and Pop Smoke as he delivers a raspy, slight melodic rap performance on the track. The lyrics reveal the high stakes of his lifestyle... "can't get caught slipping. If I slip, its a wrap." Taking Off has a similar vibe to Gun Case -- fun, laid back, West Coast signature sounds. 

Perhaps the biggest standout of the project is Savor. The song feels like an extension of Kloud9Trizzy's personality. On the song, he shows his ability to creatively tell a story through notes, beats, and bars. In the process, he is also helping to define Stockton's sound. The vaudeville-esque loops and the trap-ish high hats on the beat give the song a mix of innovative yet familiar sounds. I get the sense that he's got the potential to change the narrative. As he sings, "she told me that she want all the smoke," he proves you can rap about heated or racy subject matter and the trap lifestyle without the grit and heavy weight. 

More than catchy, Trizzy drops gems and jewels of wisdom on every track, leaving his audience discovering the depth of his music over time. Reminiscent of a 2000s artist with a modern day flare, Kloud9Trizzy says he is ready to set himself apart from today's one-line rappers, instead, creating music to last generations.



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