theKD Releases Full-Length Rap Album, 'ODDSSY'

Kalvin Dawan Owens, more commonly known by listeners as theKD, is a 25 year old rapper/songwriter. While he was born and raised on Ohio, he is currently based in Mesa, Arizona.  He recently dropped a new hip hop album entitled "ODDSSY"

The 16 song project is an alluring, underground feeling collection of rap tracks by theKD. He has a sturdy flow and solid beats. The rapper stays close to the fundamentals of the genre on the opener, Black Rose before taking listeners on a music journey and spitting over a versatile selection of beats. By Not A Star, theKD's delivery switches up to a more Drake-ish vibe.

"Someone tell the Uber man drive slow...Honey bourbon, Backwoods. When I be rollin' the dank, keep the plug on speed dial. You know I keep gas in the tank. "

Escapism is a dope track that pulls out a more vulnerable, chill --subdued vibe. The project goes from basement to backpack rap as theKD spits about burning trees, making music, living his best life, and levitating. 

Another standout is After the Party. The futuristic beat is sick, and the lyrics on the track are, at times, near poetic.  On Womanizer, KD really does his thizzle. He raps,  "Judas at the table. Niggas ain't who they pretend to be.." The song has a nice melodic undertone that picks the album up about midway  through. 

Other notable tracks on the album include Sirens, Fantasy Interlude and Lucy

Originally from Cleveland, theKD says he's been rapping since 2014. "ODDSSY" may finally be his breakout moment. This rapper is on the come-up.


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