UK Rapper, JaDee is Set to Level Up and Go "Harder"

Hip hop has become synonymous with creativity, authenticity, and true grit. And it doesn't matter the age, place, or space; Good music rises to the top, and great artists always win. When I got the chance to the new single by UK based rapper and producer, 
JaDee, I was intrigued and excited. Entitle Harder, the song shows off the 32 year old emcee's skills as a producer and lyricist. 

The track has an indie, basement feel. The rapper, who is from Gloucester, UK, has been making music for over 15 years. His last full length project was released back in 2010. It was received well with radio play and live shows around the county.

"Set the level up. Yo, turn the treble up..." 

JaDee has been working hard in the studio releasing singles but is now back with a new album which will be released on July 9th on all platforms.

You can hear a snippet of what’s to come on the album following the release of the new single “Harder” featuring mainstream UK rapper, Ironik (who is most famous for his songs “Stay With Me” and “Hold Me Closer” which topped the UK charts).

This track is definitely worth the stream!




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