ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Alabama Hip Hop Artist, DBoyOfficial Uses SoundCloud To Share His Fresh Sound With Millions

Over the last decade, hip hip has expanded into an inclusive genre that encourages creativity, experimentation, and genre bending music. The emergence of streaming platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud, and the growth of video sharing through social media platforms like TikTok, Triller, and YouTube has given artists the freedom to make music they love and instantly share it with the world. This has been the case for 24 year old hip-hop artist, DboyOfficial. He's from a small town in the Deep South, Spanish Fort, Alabama, but his creativity and use of SoundCloud have allowed him to share his sound with a much broader audience.

"Making movies when I hit. Life's great. Understand, applying pressure when I stand." 

The rapper has made his way in multiple music genres.  Earlier this summer,  he dropped a single entitled, SpaceXO. With over 1.5 million streams on this track alone, he quickly racked up nearly 20K followers. The track's high energy party vibe is set against a dope trap beat. And Dboy does his thing on the lyrics. His content is authentic and at times humorous -- like when he spits, "all the people blow my phone. I don't answer, live alone."

He also has another dope song entitled Toxic. The beat has that iconic southern trap feel and he delivers a solid rap flow.  With this song being played over a million times, it's clear that the Alabama hip hop artist's music is to take him places. 





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