ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Brooklyn Rapper, Carnegie Kid Releases Fresh Album, 'Prince of Kings County'

Carnegie Kid is an exciting young rap force out of Brooklyn, New York. His innovative sound is coupled with his artistic lyricism. Kid's latest project, “Prince of Kings County”, dropped earlier this week. 

The 8 song album was released as a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. Kid opens the project with the song, Spirits, in which he raps bout his smoking and drinking habits as he spits, baptized by that brown water." Another noteworthy track is Ezekiel 25:17. On the track, he drops some profound bars, like when he raps, "how many verses from the bible can a n*gga spit knowing the man in the mirror is a hypocrite." 

Sonically, Carnegie Kid has the flow and essence of a Cam'ron, the lyrical ringings of a Mos Def, and the toughness of a Nas. On the album, the East New York rapper mixes lyricism, witty lines, story telling, and braggadocio to delivery an authentic new brand of rap.  Carnegie Kid says he has been influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince, and Kobe Bryant. 

"Wide awake.. feeling like I'm in a coma"

Even visually, you can gather that Carnegie is creative in his thought process. The "Prince of Kings County" album also pays homage to the Prince album, “Controversy” with its cover art.

Another track that's nice is God Mode. East Coast hip hop heads will enjoy the gritty, basement feel of this song. He gives a nod to the pandemic, rapping "beat the odds and don't it feel glorious. Everybody still alive is a warrior, cuz 2020 tried to come and take all of us." My favorite song on the project is Pritty, just because its different, and you get to hear Carnegie come alive lyrically and energy wise as he brags on his own style. He spits, "I'm a fashion fascist. I'm stylin' on heffers. Voted the best dressed, cuz nobody dress better."

His label and brand is “L>FTFi<LD” pronounced - Left Field. He's aiming to raise the bar of creativity and artistry within the world of hip hop. 



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