ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: DLai Drops Dope Single, 'Outta Town Freak' Ft. Khris Kambo

David Lai better known as DLai, is a Canadian R&B singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born in Edmonton, Alberta to parents of Vietnamese descent. His parents immigrated to Canada in 1973, while fleeing the Vietnam War. While raising three sons, they juggled parenting and working multiple jobs.  Growing up, DLai watched as parents through their dedication and work ethic, were eventually able to become entrepreneurs.  He took that drive and determination with him as he pursued a career in the music industry.  

He just dropped a fresh new single entitled, Outta Town Freak.  The rap track which features Khris Kambo, has a West coast vibe to it.  He raps about a baddie from out of town. The fun, creative lyrics match the song's lively beat. He spits, "I call her DDG cuz she so drop dead gorgeous. Body like a Masterati, she love the Porsches. Call her Megan Stallion by the way she push them horses." 

DLai began his music career with Kbh Entertainment (“Kbh”). Kbh was a team chasing dreams with three rappers and a singer on their roster, Chubbie Kay, Preshboystatus, Gee, and DLai. Kbh released their debut mixtape called “Unexpected.” Kbh disbanded in 2016.  

In 2019, DLai debuted his first solo project, which included ‘Winner,’ ‘All You Need,’ ‘Nowhere,’ and Touch. In 2020, he released: ‘Lose it,’ ‘Doing You,’ ‘Show Nuff,’ and ‘Four Fourty.’ He has opened up for Akon, T-Pain, Tyga, 112, and more.

DLai has faced a myriad of problems which provides inspiration for his songwriting and music curation. Almost losing his father had a metaphoric impact on his life. DLai has been devastated by the emotional and psychological death of friends and has endured financial hardships due to failed business ventures. Despite these challenges, DLai remains humble, positive, and genuine. DLai adheres to the Vietnamese value system, which is based on four tenets: allegiance to the family, yearning or a good name, love of learning, and respect for other people.



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