ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Lingotheicon Talks Creating Music that Listeners Can Relate To

Baltimore has long been a hub for music. From Billie Holiday to Toni Braxton, Dru Hill to Mya, the Charm City knows a thing or two about rhythm and blues. But when it comes to hip hop, Baltimore rappers have never had a heavy hitter. Sure, there are some notable names like Lor Scoota, Los, and Shordie Shordie, but no one really broke through to the Top 40 Billboard charts. 

But mainstream success in the rap game has never stopped a real emcee. And being the first is always a good thing. Baltimore rapper, Barre Jones, more commonly known as Lingotheicon, is committed to his craft and putting Baltimore on the top of the charts. The 30 year old hip hop artist  creates music that resonates with real hip hop heads. "I am a true believer in impactful lyrics and creating real stories in which listeners can relate," he explained. His most recent EP, "Stand Still", is a snapshot into Lingo's headspace. The 5 song project has that East Coast, basement grit on it, but that's to be expected. Growing up in Baltimore isn't exactly Shangri-La.  One of the dopest tracks on the album is Wrong Time.  His flow and lyricism is reminiscent of a young Hov, but you can distinguish his unique Baltimore accent when he spits, "introduced by the concerns of me wanting to know her name." Lingotheicon says, "my lyricism is inspired by artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Jadakiss, and Lupe Fiasco. Those artists, along with others, have had a heavy influence on me musically."

"In the game. I question random characters..."

He has a solid flow and a knack for finding a dope beat. But this didn't happen overnight. "While I have been recording music for eight years, I have been writing music since elementary school. My passion and heart is what moves me in my craft, and I just want to share it with anyone willing to listen."



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